The Rhombus Oracle Platform is at your service

Hackers of ETHDenver,

Ever wish you could enable your on-chain logic to depend on complex external events? Here at Rhombus we’ve built an oracle platform to take care of all your data problems with the highest level of reliability, security, and computability.

Oracle services are vital components of the decentralized stack, and the Rhombus software stack balances the complexity of external data sourcing and aggregation against the trustless needs of our fellow decentralized hackers.

At Rhombus, we’ve curated the best data feeds across a wide range of external events: weather, macroeconomic indicators, supply chain, flights, finance, and satellite imagery — to name a few. We package this data with best-in-class computational tools — including the latest in machine learning and AI. No matter what your contract needs to know about “what’s happening” — you can depend on our platform to deliver it.

On top of all that, Rhombus makes it easy for you to build. At ETHDenver, we’ll be releasing a Truffle Box that allows you to build against our oracles in your local environment. For the hackathon, you’ll be able to build on top of several different feeds - and we can even build you a custom one if you come up to us at our booth.

The Code

This github repository will give you access to our Lighthouse oracles and some demos. In the days leading up to ETHDenver, we’ll update it with commands to download and run a local development environment that contains our code and some demo oracle services. We want you to go from zero to mainnet with the absolute minimum concern about deploying with bugs and errors. We’re an agile, test-driven team here at Rhombus - and we like to support best practices when it comes to business-critical smart contract development.

See you at ETHDenver :)

Rhombus is already enabling the world of decentralized insurance (HurricaneGuard), finance (OpenLaw), and prediction markets (Gnosis). We’re confident you’ll find our platform intuitive, easy, fun, and powerful!

Explore our documentation and reach out to us via email or Telegram with any questions. We know there are use cases for oracles that we haven’t thought of yet - and we know you’ll tell us what they are at ETHDenver. (If you haven’t yet applied, make sure to do so by 1/31!)

We’re so excited to see what you’ll build.