Rhombus Resources for Denver BUIDLWeek

Fellow BUIDLers,

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s what Rhombus has cooked up for y’all for #BUIDLweek:

Local development and testing:

We’ve released a truffle box that includes our Lighthouse contracts as well as an example dApp (including a full suite of tests – solidity and javascript). We hope this makes your trip from idea to Rinkeby (or goerli) a smooth one!

Demo dApps and library code:

We’ve released sample dApps and our oracle library for interfacing with the below feeds. For the hackathon, only Lighthouse oracles will be made available.

Available Oracle feeds:

Come visit us at our booth, let us know what you’re going to build and what you need from us, and we’ll try to make it happen.

You can read more about the return value data types (DECIMAL, INT, STRING) here.

Some examples already up on Rinkeby (can deploy to Görli on request):

Hourly updates for financial data:

Hourly updates provided by Alethio

Hourly updates provided by Rhombus

10 minute updates provided by Rhombus

Example dApps (more details at our public repo):

We’ve built some dapps to demonstrate the capabilities of Rhombus oracles and how the integration works:

Use the ‘poke’ feature of our Lighthouse contract to notify a dApp when a new value has been sent to the Lighthouse. Here, the new value is the exchange rate for ten cents of USD denominated in ETH. The dApp uses this exchange rate to pay out one dollar to a given contract every day. See the live dApp here.

An imaginary petting zoo uses the Ethereum network to manage its subscriptions. Imagine your users want to purchase per-minute subscriptions to a live feed. Each minute costs ten cents. The dApp uses a Rhombus oracle to manage who’s paid and for how long. See the live dApp here.

A company is in the business of offering gold for investment purposes both in the form of fungible tokens backed by 1kg gold bars (no holding is tied to any specific bars) and non-fungible tokens where each token represents a unique gold bar. Using a Rhombus oracle, the dApp can negotiate with the client using up-to-the minute Gold price quotes. See the live dApp here.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

-The Rhombus Team